A little history of Girodet museum

The entranceThe entrance | ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA

Did you know the French painter Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson (1767-1824) was born in Montargis? He was David's student: he painted

Atala au tombeau

("Atala to the grave"), emperor Napoleon's portraits, Chateaubriand's portrait. This last painting prefigures the Romanticism: we can see the French writer with his hair blowing freely in the wind, with a melancholic expression, ruins behind him...

Let's go! The museum is located in the nice Durzy's house: we can see Girodet's paintings but also a collection of French, Italian or Spanish paintings and sculptures from Henri de Triqueti. Do you remember? It's the artist who carved the low reliefs on the Durzy house's façade). Its' an artist nowadays pretty obscure: but did you know Triqueti created the huge bronze doors of the church of la Madeleine (Paris)?