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A little history of Glanum antic city

General view | Elliesram13 / CC-BY-SA
Gallo-Roman Glanum antic city

This old Gallo-Roman city was in the past a prosperous and powerful city, surrounded by high walls, with several aqueducts bringing water... Powerful, yes, until the 4th century...

Circa 480, Visigoths destroyed Glanum and people ran away. Two buildings from that time are still standing, the arc de triomphe and the mausoleum.

This one, well-preserved, was the tomb of a rich inhabitant. We can see a low-relief with battles.

Above, 4 arcades with an inscription: "Sextius, Lucius, Marcus, Caius Julius' son, to their parents".

The arc de triomphe dates back to the first years of Augustus' reign. The upper part disappeared but the arch is even so 12,50 metres long and 5,50 metres large!

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