A little history of Gourdon castle

General viewGeneral view | ©MOSSOT / CC-BY

Overlooking the valley du Loup, the white façades of the castle of Gourdon will mark you!

A former fortress was put up in the 12th century for counts of Provence on the foundation of an old Roman oppidum ("stronghold"). Those lords get with Gourdon an ideal and strategic place to keep an eye on Provence's frontiers!

Fell to the de Grasse family in 1235, then to the Villeneuve 10 years after Provence fell within the jurisdiction of France in 1481, Gourdon fell to Louis de Lombard in 1597. This man transformed the counts' fortress into a nicer residence.

His son created Gourdon's masterpiece: gardens, laid out based on Le Nôtre's drawings. You'll admire, bottom of castle's round towers, this three storeys park, where medicinal plants garden, Italian terraces and box-trees combine so well!