A little history of Grand-Courtoiseau gardens

The gardensThe gardens | ©Anecdotrip.com / CC-BY-NC-SA

In the 12th century, on a place called La Guetterie, a medieval fortress called

cour d'Oison

was raised. Oison? Yeah! It was the owner...

Cour d'Oison

became later, by distortion, Courtoiseau.

The first stronghold was destroyed and a new castle was raised by the D'Avy family, owners from the 15th century to 1606. The estate fell to several owners, and the manor with its gardens were laid out in 1770 by the famous French agronomist Antoine-Louis Dupré de Saint-Maur.

What's interesting here are the gardens! Come have a look... They were landscaped in 1991; it's a fine combination of fountains, lime trees alley, exotic gardens and shady undergrowths. It's a real relaxation moment, perfect for an afternoon out in the fresh air!