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A little history of Grand-Lucé castle

The entrance | Yodaspirine / CC-BY-SA
Castle Grand Lucé castle

We found here in the 13th century a castle raised for lords of Lucé. In 1370, Brisegaud de Couesmes owned the estate: one of the member, François, rebuilt it in 1455. His grandson Charles became baron in 1539.

Then we met Philip de Courcillon, an inveterate gambler, who was heavily in debt: but he bought the Grand-Lucé in 1701... and only kept it 15 years.

He was totally incapable of maintaining it... so he sold it to Jacques Pineau de Viennay, in 1718. Jacques II Pineau re-raised a new castle from 1759. All was completed in 1764, just after Pineau's death.

In the 19th century, Georges d'Avenel owned the estate, before it was converted into a hospital in 1948. The General council owned the estate in 2003 and started to restore it, but they get money problem.

So they were forced to sold the castle, one more time... to an American designer, Timothy Corrigan.

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