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A little history of Hattonchatel castle

The castle | Pymouss / CC-BY-SA
Castle Hattonchatel castle

Hattonchatel looks like a medieval fortress, right? Hey, don’t be so sure! The castle dates back... to the Twenties! It was bishop of Verdun, Hatton, who founded the primitive castle (hattonis castrum) in the 9th century: this one became the bishop's main residence, with its chapel and its collegiate church.

At that time they also raised the vast Burgraves' room, with its huge chimney flanks by bishop's coat of arms... In 1546, the estate fell to Henri III, duke of Lorraine: the land was raised to a marquisate, for this occasion! And then... Destroyed by the Swedish in 1636, demolished by cardinal Richelieu...

Ouch! In 1707, provost Nicolas de Faillonnet bought the ruin in order to reraise it, but in vain. In the 20th century, finally, an American lady whose name was Belle Skinner, (a rich philanthropist who rebuilt the village in 1918, devastated by World War I) completely re-raised our castle with architect Henri Jacquelin, in 1920. Just before she died in 1928, Belle gave his house to the bishopric...

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