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A little history of hôtel de la Monnaie in Figeac

The façade | Pymouss / CC-BY-SA
Town house Figeac Monnaie

Figeac got gorgeous houses, for instance this hôtel de la Monnaie. Raised in the end of the 13th century, it housed the place where kings of France and England came to mint coins...

In fact, hôtel de la Monnaie (oustal de lo mounedo, in dialect) means "the French Mint". In the past they used to mint in Cahors, but king Philip the Fair decided to make it in Figeac city...

Our house was transformed into a barn, then listed as a Historical monument and restored in order to house a small museum. Did you notice? On the roof, we can see a little turret! Simply a chimney...

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