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A little history of Jacobins church in Toulouse

The chevet | Pom² / CC-BY-SA
Convent Jacobins church in Toulouse

In middle of the "pink city", we are now where saint Dominic founded the order of the Preacher monks, in 1215. It was a real success, and lots of monks came here.

Bishop Raymond de Falgar raised a monastery and a church in 1260.

25 years later, prior Raymond Hunand finished the apse's vaults and in 1292, the church was finally consecrated. The last vaults were finished in 1304 and the bell-tower in 1299.

In the next two centuries, chapels surrounding the church were built.

What about the monastery? Well, many buildings were raised in 1294, to the north and west of the church.

In 1301, they finished the chapter room, in 1303 the refectory, in 1310 the cloister. In 1341, the chapel of Saint-Antonin, where monks were buried, was built.

Pope Urban V gave saint Thomas Aquinas' relics, in 1368: for those relics they built a huge reliquary, a real mausoleum, 20 metres high! It was destroyed, like tombs and lateral chapels, in the 19th century.

The church was abandoned by monks during the French Revolution, then it was transformed into a barracks on the Second Empire, then into a veterinary infirmary; finally the church was restored in 1920.

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