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A little history of Kernault manor

The manor | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Castle Kernault manor house

Kernault was raised in 1430 by the Talhouët family. We found important members, in this family, as for instance Jean de Talhouët: he was, between 1423 and 1433, in charge of the city house of the duchess of Brittany!

In 1450, Yves de Lescoët owned the seigneury. The small castle was extended, especially in 1620 with the building of wooden outhouses (to stock wheat).

Then the new owner Jean Le Véer redecorated rooms inside the dwelling: oh, did you see that, carved on the ceiling's beams? There's a date (1627), with the name of the joiner, a man called "Ian Souliman"...

In the 18th century, Kernault fell to Jacques-René du Vergier: he entirely redecorated the living room. The Vergier family already owned a town house in Quimperlé, but Jacques wanted to transform Kernault into a beautiful estate, especially with formal gardens.

Everything was ready, landscaper Forestier Le Jeune drew plans... but gardens remained uncompleted...

Vergier family's descendants, in the 19th century, introduced new animal species on their estate: that's why nowadays, you can see sheeps from Ouesssant of Scottish cows!

Departement of Finistère owned the manor in 1990 and opened it to the public.

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