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A little history of kings of Majorca's palace

The palace | ZohaStel / CC-BY-SA
Castle Kings of Majorca's palace in Perpignan

Jacques I of Majorca inherited his father, king of Aragon, of Balearics, Roussillon and Cerdagne.

Immediately, he raised in Perpignan a beautiful palace worthy of his rank, between 1274 and 1285.

4 buildings made of river pebbles and stone from Baixas surrounded a vast inner courtyard.

In 1295, he started to raise the lower chapel and the chapel Sainte-Croix, completed in 1309.

He also dug moats all around the fortress, where wild beasts roamed free. We also found an orchard and Mediterranean gardens.

Jacques II, Jacques I's nephew, inherited the palace and added a floor to the buildings (we had a ground floor until then).

In 1344, after the fall of Majorca kingdom, Pierre IV the Ceremonious erected a gallery on the ground floor and on the first floor.

In 1475, king of France Louis XI ordered the construction of a wall, because Roussillon was occupied by France between 1462 and 1493.

This wall was reinforced by emperor Charles the Fifth and Philip II of Spain, who completely transformed our palace into a real stronghold.

Then Roussillon was annexed by France in 1659, with treaty of Pyrenees... Louis XIV and Vauban fortified it, in 1680: they created a real citadel!

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