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A little history of La Bourbansais castle

The castle | Abujoy / CC-BY
Castle La Bourbansais castle

Occupied from the Gallo-roman time, la Bourbansais owns its name from a Gallic word, borva, which means "mud"!

Jean de Breil built his castle in 1583, fifty years after Brittany's duchy fell within the jurisdiction of France. In peacetime, to hell with defensive fortresses! Our lord wanted a residential house.

Fell to the Huart family, lords of Boschet, one century later, an alley leading to the main courtyard was laid out.

The La Forest d'Armaillé family then rebuilt façades in 18th century style: huge windows, campanile on round towers... a chapel was also created. La Bourbansais fell to family de Lorgeril in 1806 by marriage.

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