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A little history of La Bretesche castle

The castle | Whiteredge / CC-BY-SA
Castle La Bretesche castle

Do you want to know Bretesche's history? Let's go! Raised by Guy XIV of Laval between 1430 and 1470, it was the fief of Laval mighty lords who loved to hunt here. It was a big fortress, with a formidable defensive system.

La Bretesche was a real Protestant bastion during wars of Religion... but walls didn't resist to duke de Mercoeur's troops, who besieged and demolished the place...

Fell to the La Trémoille and Haultmer families, marquis de Coislin owned La Bretesche and restored it. But our story isn't finished! The French Revolution brought the deathblow: roofs and walls started to collapse...

In 1850, the castle found its second wind, thanks to marquis de Montaigu. From the ruins, the new owner entirely rebuilt it, based on period drawings. Whoa, it really looks like a 15th century castle!

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