A little history of La Chabotterie castle

The castleThe castle | ©Thomasr m / CC-BY-SA

Chabot family raised a small castle, in the 15th century, on the foundations of a former one, burnt during the Hundred Years War.

In the 16th century, Perrette de Chabot married Gabriel Darrot, lord of La Fromentinière, in 1576.

At that time, wars of Religion damaged La Chabotterie: the family completely restored the estate.

But one more time, the castle was in turmoil: during the Revolution, Goué family's children, the new owners, were slaughtered. In 1793, Vendée région was at war!

And on May 24th 1796, François-Athanase Charette (chief of the Catholic and Royal army in Poitou) was arrested in the Chabotterie's wood.

General Council of Vendée owned the estate in 1991: nowadays, the castle houses a memorial and a museum.