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A little history of La Flèche castle

The castle and the city hall | HubertduMaine / CC-BY-SA
Castle La Flèche castle

A man called Jean de Beaugency raised a former fortress in 1067 on river Loir; it looked like a big keep with several storeys, a chapel in the barnyard and dwellings.

The castle was many times besieged by the English during the Hundred Years War, and a new one was built on the foundations of René d'Alençon's fortress.

His daughter Françoise raised the Château neuf in 1539 ("New castle").

In 1620, Carmelite nuns owned the castle and fit a cloister; they also kept the former keep and added a main building flanked by two houses.

The convent was sold during French Revolution; then they laid out a park and added turrets and machicolations.

In 1909, La Flèche bought it in order to transform it into a city hall. But ten years later, it was destroyed by a fire...

Everything collapsed, but the keep was spared. In 1928, architect Rémy Freslon rebuilt the current castle with the main building's stones.

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