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A little history of La Grange castle

The castle | P. Morel / CC-BY-SA
Castle La Grange castle

The castle was mentioned since the beginning of the 10th century: counts of Luxembourg had a fortress here. 30 Years War damaged it in the 17th century, especially during Thionville siege.

Fortunately, treaty of Pyrenees in 1659 annexed Thionville area to France and brought back peace!

La Grange was sold to François-Brice Gomé des Hazards in 1701. He embellished his castle! He first re-raised it on the foundations of the old fortress, from 1731. They said architect Robert de Cotte drew plans.

They recognized his fine touch on this nice main building! De Cotte or not, Gomé spent lot of money... and he was ruined! He was forced to sell his castle to marquis de Fouquet, René-François, in 1752.

The French Revolution arrived... Fouquet family realized the wind had changed, so they emigrated in Germany... they came back in La Grange in 1803.

Then Lorraine was annexed by Germany, owners were forced to sell the estate. They came back when France annexed Lorraine in 1918! Nowadays, we can visit the castle with its modern and amazing garden...

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