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A little history of la Motte-Glain castle

The castle | Teffo Didier / CC-BY-SA
Castle La Motte-Glain castle

The primitive castle was founded by Glain de Rougé, in the 11th century. Indeed, we are here on the borders of Anjou and Brittany... a very strategical place, with this big fortress keeping an eye on!

Fell to the Malestroit lords then to the Penhoët, it was Françoise de Penhoët who gave the castle to her husband Pierre de Rohan, in 1475.

But the current castle was raised by Pierre de Rohan, lord of Gié, marshal of France, at the end of the 15th century.

He raised Gothic and Renaissance main buildings, flanked by mullioned windows, with a simple rectangular courtyard. Oh, look at those façades... we can see scallops shells! Why? Because La Motte was on the way to Compostela, and pilgrims used to stop here...

In short, in his brand new castle, Pierre de Rohan received king of France Charles VIII and queen Anne of Brittany in 1497! In 1565, Charles IX and Catherine of Medici spent a night here...

In 1635, Rohan lords sold their estate to Michel Le Loup, councillor in Brittany parliament. The last member of this family gave the castle in 1722 to Joachim Robineau de Rochequairie. This one and his heirs restored it... and that’s why nowadays, we can visit la Motte!

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