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A little history of La Turbie Alps trophy

The trophy | Peter Gugerell / CC-BY-SA
Gallo-Roman La Turbie Alps trophy

The trophy is located on the highest point of the ancient road called Julia Augusta, which linked up Genoa to Cimiez, 450 metres above Monaco...

This huge "trophy" dates back to the 1st century, raised by emperor Augustus who wanted to celebrate his victory: he had crushed the rebellion in the area. So we can see an inscription listing the 44 submissive people: it's the longest inscription known in Roman Antiquity!

The building is 35 metres high (50 metres in the past) and 38 long. They transformed it into a keep in the Middle Ages, then later, king of France Louis XIV wanted to demolish it!

But the trophy became a quarry, because they needed stones for the construction of la Turbie church. Architect Jules Formigé restored it between 1929 and 1933.

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