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A little history of Labenche townhouse

The house | MOSSOT / CC-BY-SA
Town house Labenche townhouse

This gorgeous hotel was raised for Jean de Calvimont, lord of Labenche, who was, in 1573, clerk and Minister of Justice.

The name "Labenche" was given to him, because of a stony wash-house located in the house's cellar: labenca means in dialect "stone"!

When king of France Louis XIII stayed in Brive in 1632, it was the most beautiful house in the city.

The owner, a man called François Dumas (first president of Limousin's Court), invited his king for dinner.

The hotel was sold in the 19th century and transformed into a seminary.

Since 1989, it houses the city museum of Art and History. Don't miss the beautiful courtyard and inside the house, the nice staircase and gorgeous Renaissance chimneys!

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