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A little history of Laon ramparts

The ramparts | Rémih / Public domain
Fortification Laon ramparts

Welcome in Laon, old Celtic city where saint Rémi founded a bishopric. In the reign of Clotaire, Laon, which have been part of Soissons' kingdom, fell to Austrasia's kingdom.

Devastated by Normans in 882, the city became the most important place in kingdom of France, at the end of 11th century.

At the beginning of the next year, people, too narrow in middle of the surrounding walls, moved to the west, in a place fortified by Philip Augustus at the beginning of 13th century.

This king raised a solid keep which commanded the town's entrance (destroyed in 1831... too bad for us!).

Real headquarters of the League during wars of religion, Henri IV put up a citadel after the 1594's siege, which changed the shape of the surrounding wall.

Nevertheless, we can see old gates, like the Ardon's gate (13th century), which used to be located near Carolingian kings' palace. Soissons' gate was raised at the beginning of 13th century, when Philip Augustus fortified Laon. Closed to that gate, you can see the corner tower, called Tilt Tower.

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