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A little history of Le Barroux castle

The castle | Vi..Cult... / CC-BY-SA
Castle Le Barroux castle

Top of a small village, in Provence, Le Barroux was raised by a sir called Ricavi, in 1250, then the estate fell to lords of Baux in 1274, when Philip the Bold gave the comtat Venaissin to pope Gregory X.

Fell to the Cardaillac family, the castle was owned by Henri de Revillasc in 1538, an Italian lord who was the creditor of one of Cardaillac members, who didn't pay off his debts!

Henri was very rich and he altered the old square keep, surrounding it by a vast quadrilateral flanked by round tower.

Inside, apartments were gorgeous: loggias, coffer ceilings...

Jean-Pierre de Revillasc, rich sponsor, invited poets and musicians in his castle, in the 17th century. The Revillasc family kept Le Barroux until 1659, when the last member passed away. Then it fell to the Moret in 1732.

Plundered during the French Revolution, the Moret sold it in 1929 to André Vayson de Pradenne, who restored it.

During World War II, the castle was damaged and burnt 10 days long.

Le Barroux nowadays houses an information centre on comtat Venaissin's story.

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