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A little history of Le Moulin castle

The castle | Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA
Castle of the Loire Valley Castle Le Moulin castle

Philip du Moulin, governor of Langres and king Charles VIII's comrade in arms in Italy, re-raised the familial castle in 1480. 10 years later, he was allowed to fortify it.

The next year, the lord transformed the Lassay church's choir and raised a seigniorial chapel.

Then he went to war in Italy and came back in France showered with gifts and money: he was rich! Before his death in 1506, he could complete his castle...

He added a dwelling house, a bakery, kitchens and a main building with 4 floors. All those buildings were made with black and red stones, as many castle in the Val de Loire at that time...

The estate stayed in Moulin family until the 19th century. It was abandoned but soon owned by Marchéville family, who laid out a nice vegetable garden, advised by famous doctor Carvallo, Villandry's owner.

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