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A little history of Le Pin castle

The castle | JGS25 / CC-BY-SA
Castle Le Pin castle

In the middle of vineyards, our castle was owned by Baume-les-Messieurs abbey; it was mentioned for the first time in the 11th century, under the name of château de la Garde-Chemin ("Castle of the Road's keeper").

A keep was raised here in 1252 for Jean de Chalon, count of Burgundy and lord of Arlay: this tower used to keep an eye on salt convoys which came from Lons salt-pans... which belonged to Le Pin's lord!

In the 15th century, the De Vaudrey family fit a chapel into the keep and raised the stairs leading to the storeys. They also reinforced the surrounding walls.

In the beginning of the 16th century, they raised a building and outhouses in the courtyard.

Then... Franche-Comté belonged to the Hapsburg, in 1556: so king of France Henri IV invaded the region in 1595 and came one night in castle of Le Pin. But the fortress was demolished in 1674... except the keep!

In 1705, Le Pin was erected to a barony for François Froissard de Broissia. Several owners succeeded one another, between the 18th and the 20th century: a man called Trouillot even transformed our castle into a wine-producing establishment.

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