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A little history of Long castle

The castle | Berthgmn et Marc Roussel / CC-BY-SA
Castle Long castle

Overlooking river Somme, Rococo Long castle seems so unusual in the heart of the village!

It belonged to the Fontaine, the Cresecques, the Boulainvilliers and the Montigny families, then Honoré de Buissy owned it in 1698: he was mayor of Abbeville and he was soooo rich!

In 1733, he razed the old medieval castle and raised instead a brand new house with mansard roof, triangular pediment…

When count of Buissy died in 1762, his son Pierre went on with the transformation: painter Nicolas Huet created the painted panelling in the living room. The park was laid out in 1777.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Long was damaged, especially during the World War II.

Do you know that panelling in the living room were sold by one of the owner, in 1902, then moved in the United States?

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