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A little history of Loyat castle

The castle | Libriothecaire / CC-BY-SA
Castle Loyat castle

It is called the "100 windows castle", surrounding by a vast park... oh, the façade seems so austere, don't you think?

A former fortress was built here since the 12th century, rebuilt in the 15th century by Béatrice de Rostrenen. Then it fell to those families: Quelneuc, Huchet, Volvire... then Loyat fell to the Coëtlogon family in 1676.

René-Charles de Coëtlogon, viscount of Loyat, didn't like the old castle. So he asked architect Olivier Delourme (from Vannes) to rebuilt it between 1718 and 1734.

When the last of the Coëtlogon died in 1792, the castle fell to several owners, but it was Napoléon-Marie de Nompère de Champagny, General councillor of the Morbihan, who owned Loyat and laid out the park and the courtyard.

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