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A little history of Marisy townhouse

The façade | Javelefran / CC-BY-SA
Town house Marisy townhouse

In 1486, François de Marisy owned several houses in the rue des Quinze-Vingts: the plot of land belonged to Nicolas Hennequin, a merchant from Troyes; Hennequin family rebuilt the Vauluisant mansion.

François' son, Claude de Marisy, mayor of Troyes city, owned new plots of land in 1526 in order to extend the land his father bought years ago. Here, Claude and his wife raised the current house in 1531.

On the small turret on the corner of the street, he added coat of arms of the Marisy and Molé families (Molé was the family of his spouse). When Claude passed away, the mansion fell to his wife Michelle Molé.

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