A little history of Marqueyssac gardens

The gardensThe gardens | ©Sail over / CC-BY-SA

Created in the 17th century, relaid out 2 centuries later, Marqueyssac gardens overlook the beautiful Dordogne valley...

Around the castle raised in the 15th century by lords of Marqueyssac, Bertrand de Vernet, king's councillor in Sarlat, laid out gardens in 1692, with the help of the landscaper Porcher, Le Nôtre's disciple: a continuation of terraces made of formal gardens...

Then it fell to the Cerval in the 18th century: the added a vast alley (1,5 kilometres long!) between 1830 and 1840.

Julien de Lavergne de Cerval, in 1861, transformed the old 17th century terraces into a boxtrees maze.

Fell to the Jonghe d'Ardoye, the estate was finally abandoned: too much maintenance, phew! A local landscaper owned the estate in 1966, restored it and opened it to the public.