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A little history of Maurel de Ponteves townhouse

The façade | Malost / CC-BY-SA
Town house Maurel de Ponteves townhouse

An elegant city house

Also known as Espagnet's house, the owner welcomed Anne-Marie-Louise of Orléans, here, in 1660, king Louis XIV’s cousin, nicknamed la Grande Mademoiselle!

On the façade, we have two nice caryatids supporting the iron balcony!

Lord Maurel's house

Do you know the house’s story? Draper Pierre Maurel, Diane de Pontevès’ husband, raised it in 1647. He was from a modest family, but he became a rich merchant: his rise was dazzling!

Then he became Provence treasurer but also king’s councillor! Signal honour: Maurel get, at the end of his life, letters from the king which assured him hereditary nobility...

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