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A little history of Montargis castle

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Castle Montargis castle

Wow, what a gorgeous view upon the castle of Montargis, from the Quebec's bridge! The massive silhouette seems quite unusual here, in the town centre...

Montargis castle used to be a high and powerful tower raised upon a hill by king of France Clovis, in order to defend the city against invaders.

In 1135, the Courtenay family started the construction of a new castle, next to the old tower.

It was finished 14 years later, and a new surrounding wall was raised, protecting the city at the bottom of the castle.

The most famous buildings were raised by king Charles V, who laid out the long room (58 metres long and 18 metres large).

But in 1697, the fortifications and the keep were demolished and the stones were sold.

Thanks to the 19th century's sources, we could reconstruct the castle: it was located on the edge of the plateau overlooking Loing valley, to the west of the city; it came within an irregular polygon surrounded by a wall with towers and moats.

This fortress was destroyed: the entrance postern, terrace's abutments and one tower are still standing.

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