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A little history of Montcornet castle

The castle | GOOSSE Jean Marie / CC-BY-SA
Castle Montcornet castle

Montcornet was founded in the 12th century, on the strategical place called Mont Cornu ("Horned hill"), between France kingdom and Burgundian duchy. In 1438, Hundred Years War came and damaged it.

Antoine de Croÿ owned the land and rebuilt the castle: between 1460 and 1500, his heirs restored and reinforced the fortress! Then Montcornet fell to Charles de Gonzague in 1612: 20 years later, he gave it to Hortense Mancini, cardinal Mazarin’s niece.

You know what? The fortress went to ruin at that time... It fell to duke of Aiguillon in 1674, who literally abandoned it. The chap even started to sell stones from the castle! In the 20th century, the new owner restored the fortress: nowadays, we can visit it!

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