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A little history of Montmarin castle

The castle | Pymouss / CC-BY-SA
Castle Montmarin castle

Aaron Magon raised Montmarin in 1758. It's a beautiful house with formal gardens and luxurious apartments (with precious woods, marbles), completed in 1762.

After that, Magon was completely ruined... When he died, his wife was forced to sell the castle in 1782.

A man called Benjamin Dubois owned it. He was a ship owner, so he immediately fit a shipbuilding harbour in the park, near the water!

Within one year, 6 corvettes and 5 liners came out! Dubois also created the first transatlantic line between France and New-York!

King Louis XVI ennobled him in 1788: Benjamin became Bubois de Montmarin.

During the French Revolution, he sold the castle to the State. In 1885 it fell to the Bazin de Jessey family, who extended the park and opened the estate to the public.

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