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A little history of Mordelaise gate

The gate | Pymouss / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Mordelaise gate

This big medieval gate flanked by two machicolation towers owns its name from the little Breton city of Mordelles: the gate led to this town. In the past it was called Royal gate, because dukes of Brittany used to enter by this gate, when they came for their coronation in Rennes!

Next to the gate, we found the house belonging to Du Guesclin’s uncle: a house where the young boy took shelter when he was 15. Indeed, the rebellious teenager, rejected by his parents, had just left the familial manor...

Oh, wait, look at this detail: yes, this stone! This old granite stone on the gate, with a Latin sentence (3th century): "To the emperor Caesar Marc Antoine Gordien, pious, happy, supreme pontiff, consul, Rennes' citizens".

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