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A little history of Nantes ducal castle

The castle | Viaouest / CC-BY-SA
Castle Nantes ducal castle

Nantes castle was extended as time went by: founded in the 13th century, duke of Brittany François II entirely re-raised it between 1436 and 1445.

Hey, he became a real VIP in Nantes, this little medieval fortress was too narrow for him! He needed something bigger, for he and... his 600 domestics!

Anne of Brittany continued the building site with the construction of the big main building, the surrounding wall and powerful towers. In the 16th century, duke of Mercoeur reinforced the wall.

Did you know here, in the castle, king Henri IV signed the Edict of Nantes in 1598, the real beginning of the peace between Catholics and Protestants?

Transformed into barracks in the 17th century then into a jail, did you know the famous intendant of Louis XIV, Nicolas Fouquet, was locked here, so was the terrible Gilles de Rais?

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