A little history of Noirmoutier castle

The castleThe castle | ©Patrick Despoix / CC-BY-SA

As many medieval fortress, Noirmoutier knew lots of assaults and wars. Built by local lord Pierre V de La Garnache in 1205, the castle was quickly plunged into a struggle between the English and the French.

With its central massive and rectangular keep flanked by four turrets and surrounding by solid walls, Noirmoutier fortress looks like defensive buildings of Niort and Pouzauges.

English assaults, so, during the 14th century, then the Spanish in 1524. As a Catholic bastion, Noirmoutier was seized by Protestant corsairs from La Rochelle during wars of religion...

Dutchmen invaded the place in 1674. King Louis XV purchased the castle in 1767 and transformed it into a jail. The French state bought it and it nowadays houses a museum.