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A little history of Notre-Dame cathedral in Reims

The cathedral | Johan Bakker / CC-BY-SA
Cathedral Notre-Dame cathedral in Reims

Did you know from 1223 to 1825, 23 Capetian kings (from Louis VIII to Charles X) were crowned in this cathedral? Bishop Rémi even baptized king Clovis on December 498, in the former church raised in 401...

They replaced the first building in the 9th century by a bigger church, burnt in 1210. Archbishop Aubry de Humbert decided to rebuild a Gothic church: architect Jean d'Orbais laid down the first stone in 1211.

Bell-towers date back to the 15th century: they wanted to raise 4 others but when a fire damaged the roof at the end of the 15th century, they gave up the plan...

Our cathedral was spared from the French Revolution but World War I devastated it... Bombings burnt the framework, melt bells and stained-glass windows, destroyed statues... Architect Henri Deneux led the building site for 20 years. This sir innovated! He created an inflammable roof!

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