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A little history of Notre-Dame church in Châteauroux

The church | PMRMaeyaert / CC-BY-SA
Parish church Notre-Dame church in Châteauroux

Notre-Dame looks like the church of Issoire, in Auvergne! It was raised on the foundations of an old church founded by Capuchin friars. The architect Dauvergne began the building work in 1877.

5 years later, the archbishop of Bourges consecrated it. Stained-glass windows completed by Lobin, from Tours, was given by rich inhabitants of Châteauroux (who also paid for the church's construction).

Family Balsan were one of those generous people. The Balsan, famous manufacturers from Châteauroux, owned the old Royal factory: did you know they created the famous "blue horizon" uniform, the one French army wore during World War I?

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