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A little history of Notre-Dame church in Fay-aux-Loges

The interior | Peter Potrowl / CC-BY-SA
Parish church Notre-Dame church in Fay-aux-Loges

The patron here is saint Côme (Como). I know, the church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but it seems Como was the first abbot.

So I think the parish was founded in the 6th century, when Como's cult was at its height in Gaul.

The church is 38 metres long, 15 metres large, 8,75 metres high. The nave dates back to 13th century, the transept to the 12th century, the choir's aisles to the 11th century.

The bell-tower (12th-13th century) is the exact replica of cathedral of Chartres tower: it was raised like a hollowed pyramid, without an inner timber work. This unusual bell-tower measuring 50 metres high, is only made of stones!

Oh, by the way, in the rue de la Moinerie, behind the church... look at this house and its funny tower... it's the presbytery.

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