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A little history of Notre-Dame church in Kernascleden

The church | Lanzonnet / CC-BY-SA
Parish church Notre-Dame church in Kernascleden

We are now in a High Gothic church, a true masterpiece! Our-Lady was raised by viscount Alain de Rohan IX; he was allowed by the Pope Martin V, in 1430, to raise this church on the foundation of a former oratory dedicated to Virgin Mary.

At that time, a big pilgrimage was organized: the little city started to develop, fairs and markets took place four times a year. A hospital was even created for pilgrims.

A Latin inscription in Northern aisle told us the church was finished in 1453: "On September 2th 1453, this chapel was dedicated by God and my lord Yves de Pontsal, bishop of Vannes."

Inside the church, we can see a treasure... those frescos! On the choir's vaults, 16th century paintings, representing the Virgin's life. Then, the famous Danse macabre, completed in 1450. They are a little bit damage, but it's still beautiful.

The word danse macabre refers to a medieval scene where the living and the dead dance together: the reaper will take the life of the poor wretch but also the life of the richest king... everyone's equal!

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