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A little history of Notre-Dame de Boiscommun

The entrance | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Parish church Notre-Dame church in Boiscommun

Now I'm here in front of the church of Notre-Dame, raised in 1180 by Garmond, bishop of Saint-Jean (Sens, Burgundy). It was blessed in August 1516. You know what? It's rumoured that king of France Charles IX, who came in Boiscommun for hunting, said when he saw the bell-tower: "Here's one of my kingdom's finest pieces!" Indeed, this small city near Orléans forest, was Crown's property... This church is a nice instance of high Gothic style. The last third bays was built in the 13th century, the third bay and the façade in the 15th century (except the Romanesque portal, 12th century). Now I'm entering... Look at that! This beautiful organ loft (16th century)... We have tall characters painted on the panels: their clothes, the way they are standing on their small pedestal make me think they are nobles. Hey! Just look at that: this gorgeous stained-glass (13th century) with a Virgin Mary... the oldest window from Loiret département!

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