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A little history of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade

The façade | Albertvillanovadelmoral / CC-BY-SA
Parish church La Dalbade church

A white church

Originally, the Dalbade was a priory belonging to the church of la Daurade (Toulouse). We saw that the name Daurade came from deaurata, which means "covered with gold", because of its magnificent mosaics: the name of Dalbade came from dealbata, because of the whitewashed walls. The church was founded in the 12th century. Then, several reconstructions came: after a fire in 1142; in 1501, it was extended... The current building was consecrated in 1548. Here, like in Notre-Dame-du-Taur, we have a church which looks like a little fortress! And yet, we have a fine Renaissance portal lightening the austere brick façade: it dates back from 1537, made by architect Michel Colin and sculptor Tailhand.


Oh, by the way, did you notice that wall flanked by crenelates, on one side of the church? Well, it was a kind of protection wall which protected the church in case of assaults... from their neighbours, knights of St-John of Jerusalem, who lived in their house near the church... Indeed, the Dalbade and that order were enemies. And only a little cloister separated the church walls from the knights' priory!

A bell-tower and its spire

The bell-tower was completed in 1555, with a spire made by famous architect Nicolas Bachelier (who raised lots of building in Toulouse). This spire was destroyed during the Revolution, they replaced it in 1882. But it was weighed down by the addition of turrets, so the bell-tower collapsed in 1926! All the western part of the church fell...

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