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A little history of Orléans belfry

The belfry | Daniel Jolivet / CC-BY
Belfry Orléans belfry

From the pretty place de la République, I see the belfry, built by Robin Gallier in 1445.

You surely know belfries used to shelter city's bells.

Before the construction of rue Jeanne-d'Arc, the old Saint-Maclou church stood here. With the removal of the religious building in 1771, they designed a garden.

When they opened rue Jeanne-d'Arc, the square was definitively landscaped, such as we see it nowadays.

It took the name of place de la République when the town inaugurated in 1882 the Statue de la République by Louis Roguet. A statue destroyed during World War II then replaced by the current one.

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