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A little history of Orléans Minim convent

The convent | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Convent Orléans Minim convent

In 1612, Minim (mendicant order founded by Saint-François de Paule) bought in Orléans a plot of land called buttes des arbalétriers et des arquebusiers ("crossbowmen and arquebusier's hillock"), located rue d'Illiers, in order to settle in. A monastery was raised from 1615 and blessed in 1626.

In the 18th century, Minim left the monastery in order to settle in rue des Pastoureaux. During French revolution, the monastery was transformed into a jailhouse, then a spinning mill and a boarding school.

What a destiny! In 1860, Sainte-Croix seminary settled in, then, French Local Historical Archives. After World War II's bombings (1940) only remains the cloister, typical of the Counter Reformation style.

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