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A little history of Oudon keep

The keep | Touriste / Public domain
Fortification Oudon keep

This big keep (40 metres high) used to keep an eye on Brittany duchy and on river Loire traffic... We can notice 2 different parts: the keep and the surrounding wall. The keep had vast chimneys and rooms, with all mod cons! But what about its history?

Well, we found here a fortress in the 12th century, fell to Chateaugiron lords then to Malestroit family. Henri II Plantagenet besieged it in 1174, then king of France saint Louis in 1230... In 1392, Alain de Malestroit was allowed by duke of Brittany to re-raise his castle.

At that time, he erected the high keep... which strangely looks like Largoët’s keep, in Brittany! Well, Oudon and Malestroit belonged to the same family, that’s why!

In the 16th century, the castle fell to Montmorency family (constable Anne de Montmorency hosted king Charles IX in 1565) then to the Condé family.

But during the Revolution, the estate was sold. French nation bought it in 1881: architect Ruprich Robert restored it.

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