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A little history of Paris Visitation temple

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Chapel Visitation temple in Paris

The Visitation is a temple, in fact, raised between 1632 and 1634 by François Mansart, on the location of the Cossé's city house, for sisters of Visitation-Sainte-Marie's order.

The Visitation is an order founded by saint François de Sales in 1610. Sainte Jeanne de Chantal (madame de Sévigné’s grandmother) called 3 sisters from Visitation convent in Bourges, in 1619.

They were housed in several hotels in the district, but finally they ended in Cossé city house...

A house the mother superior owned in 1628 in order to raise the convent. Closed in 1793, transformed into a library, the convent was destroyed and the church became a Protestant temple in 1802.

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