A little history of Pesteils castle

The castleThe castle | ©Berrucomons / CC-BY-SA

Pesteils keep was mentioned for the first time in 1219: at that time it belonged to count of Rodez, Henri I.

Family Foulholes owned the fief until the beginning of the 15th century, then it fell to Rigaud de Montamat, duke of Berry's squire.

This one rebuilt the square keep destroyed during the Hundred Years War: we found here 6 floors, a chapel and a vast room with a big chimney.

In 1510, the castle fell to Guy de Pesteils... this man gave his name to the castle, for sure!

Pesteils was seized by Protestants in 1568, then by Royal army in 1581... whoa, wars of Religion damaged a lot our castle, which nevertheless resisted until the 1598 truce.

In 1608, the castle fell by marriage to Charles de Cassagnes de Beaufort-Miramon, who dedicated his fortune to Pesteils reconstruction.

It was seized during the Revolution, plundered, damaged, and bought by Miramon family in 1841.

At that time, the two detached house were added to the main building. Marquis of Miramon drew plans of a new garden... and voilà!