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A little history of place d'Alliance

The square | Fab5669 / CC-BY-SA
Street District Stanislas Leszczynski Place d'Alliance

Vegetable plots

The Place d’Alliance is the 3d creation of king of Poland Stanislas and his architect Héré, in Nancy, after place Royale and place de la Carrière.

Here, in the past, we found… vegetable plots, belonging to duke of Lorraine Leopold!

In other words, a big green meadows. Stanislas, for his part, created his own tree nursery, so he didn’t care about those plots.

What did he want? A square! A square dedicated to his glory.

In 1753, they raised the foundations of the first cityhouses surrounding the square.

The fountain

In middle of the square, sculptor Cyfflé raised a big fountain.

We can see 3 allegories of rivers on a rock, 3 bearded men: Meuse, Rhine and Escaut rivers.

They hold urns in their hands.

On the basin, a marble obelisk. At the top of the obelisk, a Genius blowing in a trumpet.

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