A little history of Plessis-Macé castle

The primitive castleThe primitive castle | ©Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA

Macé, Rainaud I du Plessis' son, put up a former wooden keep in the 11th century, followed by a stony dungeon surrounded by walls.

The castle fell to the Beaumont family by marriage: Louis de Beaumont rebuilt the old fortress circa 1460. He decided to raise a main building along the western curtain.

Works were completed in 1472 with the creation of a chapel.

Du Bellay family became then owner of the Plessis, especially with René du Bellay, brother of famous French poet Joachim!

King François I of France even came here to hunt. In 1578, Guillaume Bautru purchased the Plessis.

Then, it fell to the Walsh in 1749, an Irish family settled in Nantes. The Walsh, besides, who also were owner of castle of Serrant, in Maine-et-Loire department... In 1967, the county council bought the Plessis-Macé.