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A little history of Pont de la Tournelle

The bridge | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Bridge Pont de la Tournelle

Tournelle? The bridge was named after a square tower included in the medieval wall raised by king Philip Augustus. In this tower they used to lock prisoners fated to galleys and brought to Marseille harbour.

They raised a wooden bridge called pont de Fust de l'Ile Notre-Dame. This wooden bridge linking Saint-Louis island was many times rebuilt: in 1637, frost destroyed it.

In 1648, it went to ruin! 3 years later, river Seine floods demolished half of the building. This time, in 1656, engineer Christophe Marie re-raised it with stone!

Phew, from that moment... no more events! Our bridge spent happy days... until 1851, when they re-raised it in the axis of the pont Marie, and then in 1929, when they put a statue of sainte Geneviève on one of the pier.

But why do we find this statue, here? Because we are here where they translated the sainte’s reliquary, in 885...

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