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A little history of Porte-Renard house

The house | / CC-BY-NC-SA
House Porte-Renard townhouse

Général-de-Gaulle square, on which is located our house, was created after the 1940's bombings (which destroyed the whole district). After the war, the city decided to rebuild the area.

And what about the house? Originally, it was built with the creation of Orléans' medieval second wall. Next to this house, a little square used to house the market...

Nowadays, this Porte-Renard house is still standing, built in 1539 for a merchant, Philip Mainteterne nicknamed Lendormy: the main façade and main bodies disappeared during the World War II bombings.

By the way, did you notice something? This house has the same design as the Shell house or the d'Alibert house, here in Orléans! Maybe the same architect, who knows? The windows casement are "first Renaissance" period.

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