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A little history of Puyguilhem castle

The castle | Père Igor / CC-BY-SA
Castle Puyguilhem castle

Puyguilhem really embodies the Renaissance's soul in Périgord! A piece of val de Loire, in short, which fit into green landscapes of Périgord.

They think artists and architects who worked on the construction of the châteaux de la Loire worked here too: look at those windows adorned with statues, friezes... Here, the medieval architecture mixes with the Italian Renaissance!

Mondot de La Marthonie, first president in Paris Parliament in 1514, raised a castle in 1512. His sudden death in 1517 stopped the building site, went on later by his son Geoffroy in 1524.

La Marthonie family kept Puyguilhem for a long time... until 1689! Then, several owners abandoned it. Listed as a Historical monument in 1913, the French Nation owned it in 1939, restored and refurnished it.

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