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A little history of Roquette townhouse

The townhouse | Didier Descouens / CC-BY-SA
Town house Roquette townhouse in Toulouse

Also known as Tournoer or Tournier's house, it was raised in 1505 by Vincent de Roquette.

But it was truly the next owner, Guillaume de Tournoer (who owned it in 1520) who completely transformed it, with its crenelated walls.

10 years later, he added the high staircase turret.

Look at that: the nice sculpted lintel of the entrance door, with 2 roaring lion, full of little details... We can read this inscription, near a window: Esto mihi, Domine, turris fortitudinis a facie inimici, which means "Lord, be my tower of courage against enemies."

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